There is No Honeymoon Like A Fiji Honeymoon

If you think honeymoons are just that big of a deal, you are right of course! These things will come into your mind immediately when you think about a Fiji honeymoon. Beach, sand, waves, palm trees and a great big bed amongst other things. Here at the Navutu Stars Boutique Resorts at Yasawa Islands Fiji, that is exactly what you will get. If honeymoons can be a country, it would be called Fiji. We know your heart will be pumping with love for your new spouse but we will spoil it a little bit more by offering a time in your life you will never forget. Neither will your spouse.

An Unexpected Fiji Honeymoon Journey

No surprise will be greater for your new husband or your new wife when you sweep them away for a Fiji honeymoon delight. What will be even greater then to land at a beautiful, private and exclusive boutique hotel. A boutique hotel which will cater to all your whims and fancy like the Navutu Stars Yasawa Islands in Fiji. From the moment you touch your feet at the airport, you will be swooning away with the tropical breeze of Yasawa Islands. Grand bures dotted on three picturesque bays will first impress you to the bottom of your heart. Not to mention your beloved’s heart too but wait there is more…

Wine and Dine Like You Are On A Honeymoon.

But yes, you are on your honeymoon. Fiji honeymoons are like the celebrations of Gods, where two souls come together to intertwined in eternity. Gods are also known to feed on the best of foods and ambrosia. This is exactly what you will also find at our boutique resort. Feast your appetite and treat your palette to the most exotic of food from breakfast to noon. Later at night, take in the beautiful sounds of the ocean and embrace your intimate nights privately on the beach. Just the two of you. Intoxicate yourself with our selected wines together with the breath and love of your beloved. Fiji honeymoon intoxication of souls are a must!

Enjoy, Love and Prosper

You and your beloved are beginning the journey of a lifetime. What best way to start it then with two feet buried in warm sands and two hands grasped in the blue ocean? Perfect doesn’t even begin to describe what we have to offer at our Navutu Stars in terms of landscape. You can literally paint your honeymoon here as Fiji is well known for its stunning setting. Enjoy the beach, the sand, the sun, the moon, the stars and everything else your eyes can find here. You and your beloved will have the experience of a lifetime. Your memories will be your own though we provide the setting.

Book your ticket. Pack your bags. Get married. Fly to Fiji. Embrace your Fiji honeymoon at the Navutu Stars Yasawa Islands Resort.