The Paradise Archipelago

Of all the Fiji getaways one could consider, nothing compares to that of the paradise archipelago better known as the Yasawa Islands.  The Yasawa Islands Archipelago consists of twenty volcanic islands located at the western side of Fiji.  Numerous islets are flanked by six major islands where the waters are crystal blue and the sands are future diamonds.  The entire area is a tropical paradise dotted with islands where most would like to get shipwrecked never return to civilization.  If you are looking for a romantic haven for  Fiji Weddings at one of the best Fiji resorts, this is the place!

General 2William Bligh’s sailors were certainly to have been whipped over by the dazzling white sands, clear warm waters and beautifully almost hand painted coral reefs to have commandeered that famous mutiny.

If Fletcher Christian were alive today, not only would he have fallen in love with the lovely girls on his Fiji getaways but probably would have been found drinking coconut margaritas outside a hidden bure in the Yasawa Islands.

Fiji Getaways & The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, the best of Fiji getawaysOne of the most famous beach romance movies which featured Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins  to hit the charts in the 80s was the “The Blue Lagoon”.  Guess where it was filmed? Yes, the Yasawa Islands were the backdrop for the marooned pair, capturing the romance and activities that this tropical paradise has to offer.

The film was partly shot Nanuya Levu, a privately owned island in the Yasawa Group. Some of the fauna featured in the film, particularly a species of iguana had never been discovered previously. That is until herpetologist John Gibbons watched the film and made a note of it. He then travelled to the islands where the iguanas were filmed to “officially” find them and name them the Fiji Crested Iguana (Brachylophus vitiensis) in 1981.

With amazing stories like these to be found and created, the Yasawa Islands are certainly one of those truly unspoiled gems that still exist at present time. Who knows what else lies undiscovered on the sands, in the tropical bushes and under the sea there!

The View From a Luxury Resort

Resorts in the Yasawa IslandsThese islands are visited by adventurers and luxury seekers alike relaxing at  resorts in the Yasawa Islands for perfect Fiji getaways. Together with the exquisite bliss of the grand bures  and delectable food at ocean side restaurants, the mind numbing beauty of the surroundings around the resort will be experienced in an abundance of activities like swimming, snorkelling, diving,  and beach massages. [divider]

Island Yoga at Navutu Stars Fiji ResortStretch your body in multiple yoga poses overlooking breathtaking scenery and get your body wrapped in banana leaf while your skin cools down with an invigorating spa treatment.



Unlike Richard and Emmeline in The Blue Lagoon, you however can choose to be pampered at a luxury resort. All you have to do is go online and make a phonecall. No shipwreck is needed for a real island getaway!