Fiji WeddingA Beach Wedding

Many young couples dream of getting married on the beach. There is something so magical about a beach wedding. Crystal sands, soothing sounds of waves and the serenity of the moving ocean is alluring as the backdrop of the most romantic day in your life. Two different lives will come together to make one fruitful marriage. Some love each other so much, they would repeat weddings in different styles. Even in different countries. They want to capture this momentous day in a myriad of ways for the sheer joy of it. Beach weddings are one of those very significant weddings conducted all over the world. To be able to say, “We got married in Fiji!” is indeed extraordinary.

Navutu Stars Fiji Wedding From Russia With Love

Efim and Oksana always wanted to have a beach wedding. They are a young couple who live, work and play in the cold land of Russia. Russian weddings can go on for days. Everything from Orthodox to modern to completely bizarre happens at weddings. To scrimp and save for a grand wedding is a norm. Weddings are also conducted in grand scales. To symbolize the happiest event in a Russian person’s life in special ways is a cultural tradition. With this in mind, they flew to Fiji for a wedding on the beach.

Navutu Stars Fiji WeddingLost in Translation, A Little

Efim and Oksana decided to renew their wedding vows at the Navutu Stars Resort recently. They had gotten married a month ago presumably on a grand scale in Russia. The grand scale of course had to continue with what they had always dreamed of. A Fiji wedding. They couldn’t bring their family along. They did bring their wedding costumes and their love. We, on the other hand provided the lovely backdrop, fresh cut flower arch and kept the champagne flowing. With a little help from Google Translate, we made it possible for them to renew their vows as per their dream. Not being able to speak English was not a problem for us. Navutu Stars resort manager Colleen, translated the whole wedding program and blessings to Russian for Efim and Oksana. This was THEIR day and we made sure they realized their dream….