wedding rings and a fiji wedding - love storyThe hero and heroine of this epic fairy tale spoke with us about the chance encounter that brought them together in the South Pacific and their return to these sandy shores for their island paradise nuptials.

The Fiji meet-cute

Although they grew up in the same town, Jam and his new wife Nicole never had the chance to meet until their shared love for surfing led them down a path that eventually landed them on the Yasawa islands where the Navutu Stars Resort Fiji was lucky enough to arrange this adoring couple’s happily ever after.
love story

We met in Tavarua Island,” a tiny little island in Fiji shaped like a heart, “three years ago on a singles surfing trip.” Both Jam and Nicole were born and raised in San Diego, California, USA, “but it took a trip to the South Pacific to find each other.” They reminisced, “There was a connection from the moment we met on the Yasawa Flyer! We got to spend 12 days on a tiny island and we fell in love.”

The classic Fijian fable comes true

Out on the islands of Fiji, they say if you walk around this heart shaped island, you fall in love forever. This couldn’t be truer than with Mr. and Mrs. Jam and Nicole Zayer.
love story

Three years later we got engaged, and we both knew that we didn’t want to get married anywhere but Fiji! We found Navutu Stars Fiji Resort online and knew immediately, this was our place to get married!

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love story

The ceremony

The blissful couple arrived in Fiji on May 18th and was married in a lovely seaside ceremony on May 23rd.   The mid-afternoon vows included a traditional Fijian wedding party, Fijian warriors, flower girl and the Tala Tala. The wedding itself was followed in typical Yaqeta island style by a magical sunset cruise and a very special private dinner at the Sunset Deck.

Plan your Fiji wedding at the beautiful Yasawa Island Archipelago

It was the most beautiful, perfect ceremony we could ever have dreamed of. The love and kindness of the staff at Navutu Stars really made our day so special. We felt we were among family! Thank you!
-Jam and Nicole Zayer