Whether you want to try Scuba diving for the first time or you’re ready to swim with the sharks, you can do it all here. Due to the islands’ ideal location, the waters around Fiji are often called the crossroads of the Pacific. With large expanses of coastal wetland, mangroves and well-preserved coral reefs, if you thought there was a lot to do and see in Fiji you should see what’s going on below the surface. There are more than 390 known coral species and over 1200 kinds of fish to be seen in the waters surrounding the Yasawa Islands.

“The cure for anything is salt water – tears, sweat, or the sea.” Isak Dinesen 

For first-timers

Fiji diving beginners
We are dedicated to making every Fiji dive as enjoyable as possible for all parties involved. If you don’t have much experience diving, someone can hold your hand the whole way. If you are especially nervous, consider trying your first dive in a controlled environment. The experts at Reef Safari have a pool for people just like you who aren’t quite ready to brave the wild seas just yet. Be warned: once people conquer the kiddie pool, they almost always want to give their skills a try on the open ocean.

For the timid

Fiji shipwreck diving
If you’re not interested in swimming with the sharks and yet you’d really like to give Fiji diving a shot, consider visiting a shipwreck or tagging along with a certified coral gardener on a coral restoration dive. You can learn how they plant coral underwater and keep the existing reef happy and healthy.
We should also mention that manta rays are totally harmless and pose no threat to humans. Unlike stingrays, manta rays don’t have a sting barb. And seeing as they are filter feeders, manta rays are only interested in plankton they can suck up while they swim. They have no interest in eating you — or your fiancé.

For the intrepid

Fiji diving manta rays
Fijian waters are the ideal spot to get up close and personal with some of the most breathtaking sea creatures known to humans. Not only can you swim with manta rays and hundreds of species of tropical fish, but these waters are also home to about eight species of sharks. From nurse sharks to bull sharks and tiger sharks, if you’re looking for teeth, you’ll stop right here.

Fiji’s warm waters are also part time hosts to more than a dozen species of whales, four of which – like the Blue and Humpback whales – are listed as either vulnerable or already endangered.

For the fanatics

Fiji diving PADI certfication
If you’ve already fallen head over heels with Fiji diving, then the Yasawa Islands are the perfect spot to get certified. The entry-level Open Water Course is the first step of your scuba diving certification and takes just three days. Upon your successful completion of the course you’ll gain access to new dive spots and be allowed to dive to depths of up to 18 meters.

Our Fiji diving partners

The impeccable crew at Reef Safari runs dives for guests at any Yasawa Island resort throughout the west of Fiji. Their staff of more than 70 experts are always on hand to ensure that all the boats and equipment are kept in peak condition and are serviced to the highest standards of safety.


For a bit of light diving fun that will make your travel partners proud, join the boys at Navutu Stars resort for a moonlit lobster hunt. While we’ve still got a bit of hunter-gatherer in us, fend for yourself in Fiji and catch yourself some Yaswan Lobster. We’ve heard that food tastes better if you’ve had to work for it. Experience the thrill right here — it will surely be just one of many breathtaking experiences during your stay in Fiji.