The team of incredible staff members at Navutu Stars are a major part of what defines the resort. Because character and integrity are so important, a team of hospitality professionals has been recruited from across the globe to ensure that your blissful Fijian holiday goes off without a hitch. The Navutu Stars resort is committed to offering the highest possible standards of accommodation, cuisine, and recreation — that means choosing the cream of the crop to come live and work on the island at the resort.

Do you have what it takes?

It takes a special sort of person to live the island life and work at Navutu Stars. Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in Fiji? Can one ever get tired of blue skies and white sand? Are the perks of working in paradise truly as endless as you imagine? We sat down with a handful of Navutu Stars’ staff to get acquainted with the ins and outs of island life on the Yasawa Islands.

Many ways to laze

NavutuStarsFiji-Staff-02A native of South Africa, our resort manager Colleen Buchanan has adjusted well to a life among groves of coconut trees and schools of coral fish rather than lions and hyenas skulking through the tall grass. “Paradise is truly achievable here. One look at our bures and you can see that. Our bures are a fusion of traditional Fijian architecture that contains modern, posh designs. Bures are essentially a wood and straw hut like a cabin but ours has a twist, with king sized beds, private sun loungers and even hammocks!”

Fresh cut flowers + comforts of home

Ms Grace housekeeping staffMs. Grace, one of cheery housekeeping staff is also enamored with the resort bure accommodations. “I really enjoy getting the bures ready for new guests as I get to work with all the beautiful local flowers available on the island. I love to decorate the interior with flowers and make sure everything is in tip-top shape so the guests feel completely at home and comfortable. When I see their big smiles walking around the resort, I feel happy to know I’ve done my job well! This gives me so much joy to share their happiness.”[divider]

Matchmaker, matchmaker

Mr Seruvi organiser of perfect activitiesAs his job title suggests, Mr Seruvi’s job as the Head of the Activities is to organize the perfect set of activities for the guests. He, like Ms. Grace, says the best part of his job is the rewarding feeling he gets when he sees the huge smiles of the guests once they step on the beach. With regular exclamations of “This is paradise,” Mr. Seruvi loves to watch the guests visibly relax upon arrival. His challenge is to ensure that each guest is matched with the perfect activities for the makings of the perfect holiday, whether that means night diving or simply a relaxing spa treatment.[divider]

Reef Safari Diving Experts

Reef Safari diving expertsNavutu Stars works closely with the diving experts from Reef Safari Diving. Whether you are deciding to swim with the sharks or manta rays, Reef Safari’s diving guides will make your diving experience a breeze. We work closely with their divers to facilitate diving lessons, completing diver’s certification, and for the more adventurous: diving with sharks and manta rays. During your stay at Navutu Stars, we will never leave you in the hands of anyone but the best.

Fiji addict feedback

Lobster Cuisine on your Fiji Honeymoon in the Yasawa Islands ResortDuring our chat Ms. Buchanan recalled a gratifying conversation she had with one of her recent guests. He told her that he had visited Fiji at least ten times previously. Having stayed around the Fiji islands in many different resorts in the past, he insisted that Navutu Stars Resort at the Yasawa Islands was the best he had stayed in. Everything he had experienced at the resort, from the fresh seafood to the island spa stocked with local ingredients, was “fantastic!”

We hope that you will make the journey to Fiji and Navutu Stars resort to experience all the “fantastic” that the staff has to offer. Bula!