Fiji is a tiny island nation in the middle of the vast South Pacific Ocean. People come to this gorgeous and remote island to get away from it all, so our weddings are usually quite intimate affairs.


Navutu Stars’ most recent wedding was “a big one.” Kylie and Dan tied the knot in the company of eight of their closest friends and family – and this family affair was one for the storybooks.




“This was one wedding I will surely remember for a very long time.” – Navutu Stars Manager, Colleen


At Navutu Stars, it’s all about the bride

With love in the air and Fiji’s spectacular setting, perfect weddings are a breeze at Navutu Stars. Since Kylie – our glowing bride – knew exactly what she wanted for her most special day, she managed to somehow make our job even easier. With the hair and makeup team from Nadi and a professional photographer, Kylie had an idea in her head, that was what she wanted, and everyone at Navutu Stars Resort is just happy to have made that happen for her!


A Fiji wedding mixing Eastern and Western traditions

In Fijian culture, tradition maintains that if you toss a floral garland into the sea that you will return one day to this unparalleled tropical paradise island. The guests all talked about returning as a family every year on the anniversary of the nuptials, so we handmade lais – or floral garlands – for the departure of Kylie, Dan and their party of ten in the hopes that they will all come back to Yaqeta in the future.



A Fiji departure of epic proportions

With a party of ten, a group departure by boat was not possible. So, in typical Navutu Stars fashion, we added a touch of island flair to the party’s getaway. The wedding party made their island farewell in style: aboard one of Pacific Island Air’s seaplanes. In order to fulfill the Fijian lai tradition, we asked the pilot of the seaplane to do a special fly-by so everyone could drop their lais from the plane into the sea. Imagine that for a dramatic exit.


A pro from Blue Robin Wedding Photography stayed at Long Beach on our neighbor island, and came over to Navutu Stars every day in another unique mode of transportation: kite surfing. A huge thank you to Michael for the stunning wedding photos shown here in the blog. You can find more of his incredible work on the company Instagram or Facebook page.