So you’re hoping for an island getaway to the beachy shores of Fiji and you want to know when the best time to visit is? U.S. News puts it well:

“The best time to go to Fiji is whenever you have the chance. This is Fiji we’re talking about!”

Now that it’s sweater weather at home, you’re probably already dreaming of stunning sunsets over the South Pacific. If you stay on the Yasawa Islands in a Beachfront bure, you can count on front row seats to magical sunrises peeking through your curtains to welcome each new day.


I don’t think we’re in the Northern Hemisphere anymore, Todo

Fiji’s unique location in the Southern Hemisphere near the equator means this spectacular island nation boasts days upon weeks and months of picture perfect sunrises, sunsets – and even moonrises – year round. Why do you think so many have Fiji Weddings? An added bonus, temperatures stay pretty constant through the whole year, with highs hovering in the low 30s.

Fiji sunsets like clockwork

Whether you’re escaping the dreary winter months at home or you’re planning a romantic summer holiday with your beau, you’re in luck if you’re headed to Fiji. The climate in Fiji is tropical marine and warm year round with minimal extremes. This also means the country basks in relatively stable daylight patterns, so you can plan your vantage point for sunset with relative ease. The sun rises and falls every day right around 6 o’clock, and you can expect about 12 hours of daylight every single day.

“I don’t believe in Heaven, I believe in Fiji” –Trip Advisor user 303sunshine


Sun terrace views at Navutu Stars


Navutu Stars’ five luxurious and intimate Beachfront Bures are scattered along an unforgettable bay of pure white sand overlooking a vibrant turquoise lagoon and a pair of verdant neighboring islands. With all the solitude of a deserted island and all the luxurious amenities of a first world, five-star holiday at your beck and call, you can count yourself among the few to truly indulge in the finest aspects of both worlds.

“One of my favorite things was waking up early with their on-hand Yoga instructor and doing an hour of yoga on top of tall bure and watching the sun rise. – Expedia

Each Beachfront Bure boasts a cathedral roof sheltering 700 square feet of luxury – plus a private patio and garden overlooking the beach. Get cosy on your own personal sun deck for front row seats to the epic sunset show every evening. If you’re disciplined, wake up at dawn to bury your toes deep in the brilliant white sand to welcome the new day in paradise.

Beachfront Bures