The morning of October 10th, 2014 saw the island of Yaqeta in a joyous uproar. Guests sat in the sand next to staff members, frantically weaving palm fronds together and scraping coconut shells bare. The sound of songs wafted out across the cove. At the end of a long week of celebrations, Fiji Day at Navutu Stars Resort will go down in the history books.

Fijian Pride Flag

The History of Fiji Week

Fiji Week is a weeklong celebration of Fiji’s colonization and subsequent independence. The week of festivities culminates in Fiji Day on October 10th. This day each year marks the day in 1874 that the United Kingdom ceded this dreamy tropical island nation. On the same day 96 years later, Fiji regained its independence from British colonial rule.


What to expect – Fiji Day celebrations

During Fiji Week across the country, everyone turns out to celebrate what makes Fiji truly unique. Each day focuses on the many and varied traditions of the Christian, Muslim, and Hindu groups that call Fiji home. Cultural performances celebrate the island’s two main ethnic groups: Fijian and Indian.

“This year was the 44th year of independence! This goes along with great celebration and activities, and of course a lot of fun and laughter – which all our guests participated in!” – Colleen, Navutu Stars Manager


Fiji Day at Navutu Stars Resort

On the morning of October 10th, staff and guests congregated at the Beach Bar for prayers and a flag ceremony, followed by a formal rendition of the National Anthem in both English and Fijian. We could provide you with both the English and Fijian lyrics, but interestingly, they are not translations of the same song. In fact, these versions bear little in common. The Fijian version is by far the most moving, and we have included an English translation below:

Let us show our pride and honour our nation // Where righteous people reside // Where prosperity and fellowship may persevere // Abandon deeds that are immoral // Let Fiji live on // And progress onwards // May our leaders be honourable men // Let them lead our people // To great things // And bring an end to all things immoral // Let us show pride and honour our nation // Where righteous people reside // Where prosperity and fellowship may persevere // Abandon deeds that are immoral // The burden of change lie on your shoulders youth of Fiji // Be the strength to cleanse our nation // Be wary and not harbour malice // For we must abandon such sentiments forever

After the national anthem, the games began! Some activities may seem more familiar than others, like the Egg & Spoon Race and Balloon Toss. Some activities may be brand new to you, like Tunnel Ball and Coconut Husking.

After lunch, the celebrations continued with a trip to the Blue Lagoon for volleyball, kava, and more food.


Celebrate Fiji Day with Navutu Stars Resort

If you would like to take part in Fiji Week and/or Fiji Day in the coming years, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We would suggest that you plan far in advance and book your accommodation well ahead of time to ensure that the Fiji resort or Beachfront Bure you’ve been dreaming of is reserved just for you.