Navutu Stars Resort has hosted some incredibly special and unique wedding ceremonies this year, and just last month celebrated another first. Two couples and best friends from Slovakia – Juraj and Martina, and Barbora and Marek – celebrated a pair of easy, breezy sunset ceremonies on Yaqeta Island.


Double Trouble or Double the Fun?

You would think it might be daunting to have to arrange and host a double wedding, but Colleen, Navutu Stars’ manager said these four friends were “probably the most laid back people in an ‘about-to-get-married situation!” They didn’t want any fuss, just the opportunity to make a commitment to their respective partners.


How Did These Two Couples Choose A Double Wedding?

“First we invited our friends of many years, Marek and Barbora to join us and be our witnesses. But as we planned our wedding and holiday, the four of us saw more and more amazing photos of Fiji, and Marek and Barbora decided that it would be the perfect location for them to get married too!”


Simply Sunset & Shades of Pink

When asked what details they wanted, they answered with, “a sunset wedding!” And what about the flowers? Martina wanted something pink, and Barbora wanted something in apricot color.


Why Fiji, & Why Navutu Stars?

“We decided to have our wedding in Fiji because we wanted a relaxed, stress-free wedding, and the beauty of Fiji is simply breathtaking, so the decision was quite easy! Navutu met all our expectations. The whole wedding was great and relaxing, exactly as we imagined it would be!

The best part was, we went snorkeling and kayaking a couple of hours before we got married! Where else can one do that?


So on October 15th at 16:00 Martina & Juraj said their “I do’s” with Barbora and Marek as their witnesses. They went to their Bures, changed outfits, and at 16:30, roles reversed and it was Barbora and Marek’s turn to say, “I do.”