We have mentioned in the past that Fiji’s people are its greatest natural resource – but Fiji’s fresh fish are definitely the country’s most delicious resource. On your Fiji getaway you can dive with the fish, take a fishing day trip to try and reel them in, or simply sit down for a fresh fish feast overlooking the bay. You’ll be treated to the catch of the day, fresh from the South Pacific and caught by local fishermen. Does it get any better?


Fiji Loves its’ Fish

Fishing in Fiji is a beloved recreational, social and economic activity. Fiji locals and visitors alike fish for fun, for food, for sport, and for income. The Fiji islands have one of the most developed economies in the Pacific, and the country’s economy relies heavily on natural resources like timber, copper and gold – all of which are much more limited than fish in the vast seas of the South Pacific.


One Fish, Two Fish

The Fijian government and other independent organizations are constantly monitoring the wealth of fish in the waters surrounding Fiji, but even today Fiji boasts so many fish that the country is still exporting tuna and other reef fish to overseas markets. Fiji’s fish are exquisite wherever in the world you experience them, but nothing beats a beachside feast of Fiji fish caught earlier the same day.

“Our tuna come from the local fishermen…straight from the sea!” – Colleen, Navutu Stars’ Resort Manager

Red Fish, Blue Fish, Tuna Fish

So what kind of fish can you expect on the daily menus across the Fijian islands? For starters, there is a lot of tuna. So much tuna, in fact, that Japan buys a lot of Fiji’s tuna for its bottomless sashimi market. With species like yellow fin tuna, big eye tuna and albacore tuna, you can be sure you will find tuna in one form or another on any island menu – lunch or dinner.

“If you love fresh seafood the restaurant at Navutu Stars Resort has the best locally caught fish bugs – small shellfish – and lobster. The local fishermen drop in each day and sell it to the restaurant. Visitors from other islands seem to drop in for lunch.”


Seafood Smorgasbord

Other than the tons of tuna in Fiji’s waters, you can find marlin, swordfish, mahi-mahi, and many species of deep water and reef fish like snapper, sea bream, trevally, tilapia, grouper, trout, cod fish, prawns and giant clams. What’s for dinner? Whatever the fishermen could get their hands on that day. With large expanses of coastal wetland, mangroves and well-preserved coral reefs, if you thought there was a lot to do and see in Fiji you should see what’s going on below the surface. There are more than 1,200 kinds of fish to be seen in the waters surrounding the Yasawa Islands.


Dining at Navutu Stars Resort

Eating at Navutu Stars is an experience in itself, whether you dine by candlelight under the stars, on the beach, or along the exquisite Sunset Terrace where you can admire the stunning sunset and brilliant night sky. Navutu Stars’ Restaurant uses only the best local ingredients blended with traditional Italian delicacies. Our ever-evolving menu consistently features the fresh seafood bounty of the island paired with their freshly grown organic, seasonal vegetables.

Fish-Friendly Fiji Activities

If enjoying a fresh seafood meal, embracing the slow pace of island life, and taking in the beauty of your surroundings hasn’t whetted your appetite for Fiji fish, take the chance to explore one of the least contaminated and most beautiful reefs in the world. Join one of Navutu Stars Resort’s snorkeling trips, or if you crave adventure, take part in their coral restoration dives or go scuba diving. Fiji’s seas are your oyster.