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Island Yoga & Spa

Navutu is a complete spa, for body, mind and soul.

Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Bobo Massage

Duration & Price

This traditional Fijian revitalizing massage blends tropical nut oils and is rich in vitamins. Using firm and percussive techniques, our masseuses are trained to ease stress from the body and to stimulate circulation. A sweeping motion that encompasses the whole body removes all remaining worry from the mind and body for a greater sense of well being.

60mins US$60

Relaxation Massage

This soothing massage blends essential oils to stimulate blood flow throughout the body and to activate nerve endings.

60mins US$60

Swedish Massage

Firm but gentle pressure is used to improve blood circulation, ease muscle aches, and stimulate and enhance relaxation.

60mins US$70

Lolo Body Scrub

Experience the exfoliating properties of fresh Coconut Flakes, Salt and Oil. This whole body scrub will whisk away dead cells and repair your soothed skin with the detoxifying agents found in the natural ingredients prepared with care just minutes before your scrub. Skin is left satin smooth and silky by the final Dihlo Rescue moisturizing massage.

60mins US$70

Aloe Body Wrap

Fresh Aloe Vera, renowned for its soothing and restorative qualities, is applied to the body and is then allowed to soak into the skin  and pores after the body is wrapped in local banana leaves. This is a very soothing and cooling treatment, especially for sunburnt skin. Experience the ultimate relaxation when you couple this treatment with a hand and foot massage.

60mins US$70

The Face

This luxurious Pink Clay Facial purifies and detoxifies the skin to restore moisture and hydration lost with everyday stress and sun damage. A final Aloe Vera application will then nourish your skin leaving a radiant glow.

60mins US$50

Queen Bee Facial

A careful blend of Australian Organic Oats gently removes dead cells to allow the vitamin and mineral properties of organic Australian honey to penetrate the skin. The honey creates a moist environment for the skin to heal itself.

60mins US$50

Lady in Paradise

Pamper yourself with a Honey Facial, relax with a Bobo Massage and finish in bliss with a Swedish Massage.

90mins US$120

Enhance the rejuvenating benefits of your stay at Navutu Stars when you indulge in our range of uniquely crafted treatments that blend local medicinal plants, such as fresh Aloe Vera and coconut, with modern cosmetics direct from an organic farm in Byron Bay, Australia.

Once you have settled in, let our masseuses pamper you within an inch of your life on your first day with a complementary relaxation massage.

Welcome island life by getting rid of all the stress and toxins that you have accumulated as a byproduct of your daily life. Choose from a freshly grated Coconut Flake Scrub, or a Pure Indigenous Clay Facial Mask. Soothe your sun kissed skin with a home grown Aloe Vera and Banana Leaf Wrap. Indulge your tired muscles under four skilled hands working in tandem to nourish your body with Fijian Coconut Milk.

Torika offers free daily Yoga classes on our Sunset Deck at 7am.
Private classes are available.

Island Yoga by Torika Tabua

Hailing from the exotic South Pacific islands of Fiji, Torika Tabua makes frequent appearances as a guest teacher at Navutu Dreams, she is also the resident island yoga teacher and spa therapist at our sister resort Navutu Stars in Fiji. Torika began her career as a deeply intuitive massage therapist, her healing touch perfectly complemented by completion of yoga training in San Franciso, where she became certified as an Ashtanga Teacher. She went on to lead the yoga program at the legendary Jaques Cousteau Resort in Fiji for close to ten years. With her big smile and generous nature, Torika brings the warmth of the Fiji Islands to her island yoga classes, offering a unique blend of Ashtanaga and Iyengar yoga. She confesses that “Yoga changed the way I look at things, I have learned to focus on the positive rather than negative.

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