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Navutu Stars is the vision and creation of 3 dynamic Italians, who left London and the western world 7 years ago to pursue their dreams and careers in thermo-equilibrium. A city broker, an art dealer and a historian; Manfredi, Maddalena, and Giovanna explored Yasawa’s in depth, found a secluded bay, built their dream resort.

Friendly Staff

It all started after an idyllic week holiday in what they heard was one of the most uncontaminated places on earth. Without having the time to adjust the shock of each pristine crystal lagoon, desert islands, the scented air of tropical flowers, powder like beaches, the most warm and welcoming people on the planet, they met the Chief of Vuaki, Ratu, who introduced them to the possibility of having their dream come true: living in the Garden of Eden.

Immediately the idea of having a tropical life, where the island rhythm and its beauty could be complemented by western comfort, led to the idea that they wanted this amazing experience to be enjoyed by others: people stressed by the pace of western living, who are longing to purify themselves in a true tropical retreat, where to indulge.

Fiji Resorts Staff

Since late 2004, everybody including more than a 100 villagers worked so intensely and with such passion, that barely 12 months later Navutu Stars was opening its doors to the world. Since that day the resort has continued to improve itself winning international recognition, awards and media coverage and runs with very high occupation all year round. We are proud to have a very special and international clientele and sometimes we have 9 different nationalities in our 9 Bures.

It is now time for you to enjoy the simple beauty of a place that has stolen many hearts, fall in love with a paradise to revisit every year.

Our Staff

Fiji Resorts Staff

“The people of Fiji are renowned for their kindness, warmth, sense of hospitality and their great smiles and hearty laughs, leaving such an impression on visitors that they are often the reason why travelers world wide have decided to come to Fijian shores and have felt the urge to return to this truly wonderful country In Navutu, with a staff ratio of two staff per guests with 35 dedicated, attentive and enthusiastic staff for a maximum of 18 guests, you will have the opportunity to be attended by people genuinely eager to share their smiles and background and proud to welcome you on their island. Kikau, one of our bar tenders will always try to share jokes or anecdotes with you and Seruvi, one of our boatmen, will introduce you to the Fijian way of life and philosophy.

Fiji Resorts Staff

There will always be a smiling person attending your needs and some of our guest established such genuine bond with the people of Yaqeta and Vuaki villages that they consider them part of their new Fijian family.

If wished, we kindly ask our guests to tip our staff at the end of their stay either directly to them or when settling the final bill. Your name and tip will appear on their pay slip the following week. In this way we can keep their hospitality genuine and not the consequence of expecting tips after any service. Thank You.

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