The Lion Cub Foundation is a outreach program that was founded by Navutu Stars Resort in November 2008 after the premature death of one of our beloved staff, Leone, from Yaqeta Village. Leone was a warm hearted man who cared for his family of three children, and also for the children of his late brother, who had died in the previous August. Upon his death, his wife and his pregnant sister in law were left to care for eight children with no income whatsoever to support the young children’s education and their medical needs. Navutu Stars decided then to start an outreach program to help them and other children from Yaqeta in need.

Outreach Program Lion CubsWith the help of our two marvelous barmen Kikau and Sunia, 43 children aged from 1 to 17 were selected. Some had lost one of their parents, others had been left in the care of grandparents who did not have an income to financially support them, and some others were the children of single mothers. Health and education were and still are our priorities and form the core the Foundation.

The Lion Cubs receive regular medical checks by American doctors from the Loloma Foundation during the yearly Health Clinic hosted by Navutu Stars Resort. For Medical Emergencies we provide transport to and from the mainland for the sick child and a guardian, and we pay for any medical expense. The Lion Cubs are now also offered a brighter future with the Foundation purchasing school uniforms, stationery, books and paying for school fees, which can be quite high for secondary school (especially when boarding is needed) and which are usually too expensive for Fijian islanders.


Outreach Program Lion CubsThe Foundation started only with a donation from the Resort and is now receiving the help of its guests who every Sunday are able to meet with the Lion Cub children, who come to the resort to sing, drink some juice and mingle with the Papalagi (Foreigners). The children love to be part of the group and are usually accompanied by all the children from the Sunday School and together they bring to us their joyful laughter and curiosity.

Thank you very much
Vinaka Vaka Levu

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